1/8" Steel Aircraft Cable

Whats the Difference between Hot Dipped Galvanized & Electroplated or Electro-galvanized? Most people have no idea, but there is a big difference. The majority of the cable sold on eBay is electroplated which is less expensive to manufacturer, but has a much thinner & a very inferior coating process. I won't go in to a lot of detail here. You can do a google search & learn about this in depth from engineers. I will quote a couple of experts on Galvanizing,"Zinc plating or electroplating is a process where zinc is applied by using a current of electricity. It is a thinner coating than hot dipped galvanizing making it unsuitable for outdoor applications" Another quote,"Hot dipped Galvanized coatings are up to 10x as thick and will always greatly outlast zinc electroplating in any environment. Electroplated zinc coatings are rarely adequate for direct outside exposure". We don't sell any electroplated aircraft cable. We use & test most everything we sell, and electro-plating doesn't pass the quality test.  

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