EZ UP DOWN Batting Cage Frame Kit 12' x 14' x 70'

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Batting Cage Frame Kit for 12' x 14' x 70' Batting Cage Nets

Top Rail Pipe 35 pcs NOT INCLUDED (Home Depot SKU # 181697) 

Batting Cage Net Not Included

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Kit Includes the Following Parts:
(A) 3-Way Corners, 4 pcs. 

(B) 4-Way Pass-Thru fittings, 10 pcs (The pipe will slide all the way through the fitting) 
(C) 28" Pipe Extensions, 14 pcs. 
(D) 30" Leg Extensions, 14 pcs 
(E) Self-Drilling Screws, 39 pcs 
(F) Short Net Hangers, 19 pcs 
(G) Long Net Hangers, 22 pcs 
(H) Carabiner, 30 pcs 
(I) Pulleys, 22 pcs 
(J) Ground Sockets, 14 pcs 
(K) Ground Socket Auger 
(L) Ground Socket Installation Tool 
(M) Yellow Socket Plugs, 14 pcs 

Kit Does NOT Include the Following Parts:
(CL) 10' 6" Length Top Rail Pipe 35 pcs NOT INCLUDED (Home Depot SKU # 181697) 

You will need an area about 71' Long & 15' Wide. We recommend that you mark off this area before starting.

Frame Kit instructions (Download)  : 

1. Center to center, your 4 corner ground sockets will be 71' x 15'. Lay this out with stakes, string, and a tape measure. Measure across both diagonals to make sure they measure the same so that everything is square. The diagonal should be about 72’ 6” across. 

2. Use the Auger bit to drill the 4 corner holes. Don't push down to hard on the bit or it will screw into the ground. Let it dig. It works very well. Let it drill down a bit then back it out allowing the bit to clear the hole of excess dirt. Repeat until the hole is deep enough. You will have a 12" deep hole in a minute or two. If you run into rocks or roots you can also use a 6' long bar (like is pictured above) to make the pilot holes. 

3. Take one of the short net hangers and wrap it around each ground socket and back through itself.Install the corner Ground Sockets using the installation tool and a rubber mallet. The top of the Ground Socket should be flush with the ground. 

4. Now use the Auger Bit and the same process to Install the side poles, evenly spaced at 11' 10", 23' 8", 35' 6", 47' 4" & 59' 2". 

5. Assemble 30" pipes (D) to 14 of the 10' 6" length vertical poles by drilling a small hole, then inserting self-drilling screws (E). These will serve as your upright poles. 

6. Install the 4 pcs of 3-way fittings, and the 10 pcs of 4-way fittings onto the 30” side of the vertical poles you just assembled. One a piece. Make sure to loosen the eye bolts on the fittings so that you wont have to later. 

7. Put the 14 pcs top rail pipe from step 6. fitting side up into the Ground Sockets 

8. Assemble 14 pcs. of the 28" pipes (C) to 7 of the 10' 6" length vertical poles by drilling a small hole, then inserting self-drilling screws (E). You will attach one of these pipes to each end. One pipe has a tapered side & one doesn't. 

9. Assemble 7 pcs. of the 10' 6" pipes together on the ground. The overall length of the 7 pipes assembled together will be about 72'. Cut approximately 1' off one of the pipes so that the overall length is only 71'. You will need to drill holes to attach these pipes together. Wait until you get them in the air before inserting the screws. 

10. Repeat step 9 for the other side. 

11.Using a ladder install the center sections from step 8 into the fittings. Once installed tighten the eye bolts in the center. 

12. Using a ladder install the remaining pipe into the fittings on the long side of the frame. The pipe will slide though the 4-way fittings. 

13. Use a level to adjust the vertical poles as needed to make them level. Then tighten the rest of the eye bolts, and get ready to hang your net. 


1. Lay our your batting cage inside the frame. If your cage has a door now would be the time to find it and make sure it is on the end of the frame you want.

2. Attach a carabiner clip to each of the pulleys, and lay out each of the long net hangers so they are easy to access.

3. Using a ladder attach a pulley with carabiner to each of the center top eye bolt of the 4-way fittings. Now attach a pulley to the top outside eye bolt on each of the 3-way fittings. These are to hang the net from.

4. Attach the remaining pulleys to the center lower eye bolt on the 3-way corner fittings. These are to lift the bottom of the net for easy mowing.

5. Now start at a corner and with one of the long net hangers. Clip a carabiner clip to one end of the net hanger. Next wrap the end with the carabiner clip around the top border of the net and clip it back onto itself.

6. Run the other end of the net hanger through the top pulley and pull it down until you can attach it to the small net hanger that is attached to the ground socket.

7. Now repeat step 6 for the remaining 3 corners.

8. Using enough long net hangers to install one on each of the 4- way fittings, use the same method to attach a hanger to the top border rope of the net. Run the hanger through the top pulley and pull down to attach to the hanger on the socket.

9. Use the remaining long net hangers and attach them to the bottom border of the net in the 4 corners. Run the hanger up
through the lower pulley and attach a carabiner clip to the end you just pulled through the pulley. This will stop the net hanger from pulling back through the pulley.

10. Using the remaining short net hangers attach the center of the net to the center poles inside the frame.

11. Now attach all the top rope, center rope, and bottom ropes of the net to their respective corners and centers. NOTE: Do Not Over Tighten. The net should be loose to allow for absorption of the ball impact.

12. To raise up for easy mowing untie the bottom rope corners and simply pull the hangers attached to the bottom of the net down until you can attach them to the net hangers on the ground

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