30ft-55ft Heavy Duty Batting Cage Cable Suspension Kit

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Kit Includes:
3pk 3/8" Turnbuckle
250' 3/16" (7x7) Galvanized Aircraft Cable
50pk Zinc Carabineer Snap Clips
12pk 3/16" Cable Clamps

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Kit Includes:
3pk - 3/8" Turn Buckle (1200 lb. Working Load 6,000 lb. Breaking Strength)
250' 3/16" (7x7) Galvanized Aircraft Cable (740 lb. working load / 3700 lb. Breaking Strength )
50pk - Zinc Carabineer Snap Clips (space 2 to 3 feet apart down the middle and each side)
12pk - 3/16" Cable Clamps 

Caution: USE WORKING LOAD LIMIT when deciding what supplies you need for your project. For a safety margin, this is 1/5 of the breaking strength.

We have several of these cable kits available to fit your individual needs, each with different components - turnbuckles, cable sizes, etc. I recommend using a minimum 3/16" Aircraft Cable for nets over 55' or commercial applications, unless you are supporting it in the middle. It has over 2x the tensile strength of 1/8" and you will have less sag. 1/4" Aircraft Cable has almost twice the tensile strength of 3/16" cable. For our other cable kits, turnbuckles, eye bolts, etc.,  


Whether for inside or outside application, hanging these cages from cables is my favorite installation method. You can move the cage to one side or the other, like a shower curtain, to make room for other activities. Also hanging these cages on cables makes for a neater-looking, boxier net without much sag. How you hang them is going to vary from site to site and person to person & is only limited by your own ingenuity, but I will give you some general guidelines to start:

*Hang your cables about 6" to 12" lower than the height of your cage. You need a little bit of net on the floor to snag balls. If you have a 12' high cage, then hang your 3 cables at about 11' to 11' 6"

*When anchoring to the wall, mount to a stud, header, joist, or concrete wall. At minimum use 5/16" diameter lag screws, larger & longer is better. Preferably drill all the way through the wall and use a bolt or a long eyebolt with a big washer on the outside.

*When inserting lag screws into wood, predrill your holes to the minor diameter of the thread, then grease or wax the screws. This will help prevent the wood from splitting and reducing the holding power. For example a 3/8 diameter lag screw, predrill a 5/16" diameter hole; 5/16" diameter lag screw, predrill a 1/4" hole; 1/2" diameter lag screw, predrill a 13/32" hole.

*You can use a cable hoist or ratcheting tiedown strap to put some tension on your cable before tightening your cable clamps.

*You can use bolt cutters or a hack saw to cut your 250' cable into 3 equal pieces 83 1/3 feet long. If this would be too short for your installation, contact me at 573-881-4024 about getting a 500' roll of cable instead of the 250' roll.

*Install the 3 turn buckles on the wall opposite of where you will be storing your net.

  • Turnbuckles
    3pk - 3/8" Turnbuckles (1200 lb. Working Load 6,000 lb. Breaking Strength)
  • Steel Aircraft Cable
    250' 3/16" (7x7) (740 lb. working load / 3700 lb. Breaking Strength)
  • Zinc Carabineer Snap Clips
    50pk (space 2 to 3 feet apart down the middle and each side)
  • U Bolts / Cable Clamps
    12pk 3/16" Cable Clamps
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